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LucidEra Announces Business Analytics-as-a-Service for Oracle Order Management

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LucidEra today announced LucidEra for Oracle Order Management, an on-demand analytic application for customers of Oracle’s traditional on-premise transactional applications. This new solution gives these customers the ability to unlock valuable ERP sales bookings and backlog data and eliminate bottlenecks in the bookings-to-shipment process. LucidEra for Oracle Order Management is part of today’s LucidEra Winter ‘08 release.

“LucidEra is offering a path to software-as-a-service (SaaS) for Oracle applications customers,” said Dave Krauthamer, Managing Partner at Intelenex, a LucidEra On-Demand Consulting Partner. “The ability to deliver simple, yet dynamic analytics on booking, billing, backlog and discount information without having to build, manage, and maintain a complex IT infrastructure is being very well received. We’re excited to be partnering with LucidEra to deliver greater value to our joint customers.”

LucidEra for Oracle Order Management provides sales, finance, and operational managers the power to unlock the valuable information contained within their order management system. Using the power of on-demand analytic applications, Oracle Order Management customers can quickly and easily gain insight into bookings, billings, backlog, and discounts. This enables managers to identify trends in sales fulfillment and on-time delivery performance so they can intervene and correct any emerging issues before real problems occur. In addition, discounting analysis lets employees identify discounting trends that eat into their profit margins.

"Driven by technology innovation and profound customer success, business analytics delivered as a service is taking hold in the market and taking the guesswork out of effectively managing your sales pipeline and your order-to-billing cycle,” said Ken Rudin, CEO and co-founder, LucidEra. “Because the long and difficult road through the data warehousing process can be prohibitively expensive and extremely difficult to maintain, most organizations are sitting on a virtual goldmine of sales and finance information that could have an immediate and positive impact on their bottom-line. With LucidEra for Oracle Order Management, organizations can improve their operations by harnessing the power of our on-demand business analytics without any of the traditional IT infrastructure headaches.”

The LucidEra Winter ’08 versions of LucidEra Enterprise, LucidEra for Salesforce.com, and LucidEra for Oracle Order Management are available this month. Pricing ranges from $1900 to $3900 per month depending on the edition and your data volumes.

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